Frank Chiaro


Meet Frank Chiaro: from Portland, Oregon, Frank is concerned about environmentalism, our planet, and the nature all around us.

About Frank Chiaro

Particularly passionate about the ocean and environmental sustainability efforts that surround water conservation, Frank is fascinated by the potential that technology has to further our sustainability efforts and revolutionize the way that we approach protecting our planet and the awesome wonder of nature around us. 

Throughout his life, Frank Chiaro has worked a number of different jobs to build skills, real-world knowledge, and employment experience. He’s spent time loading trucks for a warehouse, hosting tables and running food, delivery driving, and assisting at a glass art gallery in Chicago, where he assists with installs, housekeeping, and events. 

As a scholar, Frank Chiaro has received several awards in recognition of his hard work and excellence. While attending Lewis & Clark College, Frank was bestowed with the Pioneer Award, an honor offered to a select group of students who exhibit great potential at the institution. In high school, Frank Chiaro was a member of the ETHS Honor Society during his Freshman and Sophomore years; he was also a National Honors Society Lighthouse Chapter Inductee. Both of these positions required faculty recommendations, extracurricular activities, honor roll, and community service. 

Throughout high school, Frank Chiaro served his community in a number of capacities; alongside his membership in his high school’s Lake Ecology and Marine Biology Programs at Shedd Aquarium, he has volunteered at a local animal shelter, prepped and delivered food through the Meals at Home program, and served on a four-month-long service trip to Hawaii, where he and his team focused on cultural understanding and environmental stewardship. 

Frank was also a student-athlete, balancing his academics with athletics throughout his high school career. In grades nine and 10, he was a member of the track and field team, competing in the 110 meter high hurdles and 300-meter hurdles. Those same two years, he was also a member of the football team with both offensive and defensive experience. Frank has also been playing basketball since the sixth grade, an activity he continues recreationally to this day. 

In his free time, Frank Chiaro enjoys a variety of hobbies that help occupy his time and drive his creativity. He has been playing the guitar since he was a freshman, and while he no longer takes lessons, he still plays for his own enjoyment. Frank also makes music on his beat pad as a way to unwind. 

Learn more about technology and the way advancements can better our lives by visiting Frank Chiaro’s blog page, and be sure to check out his travel website for more insights! 

Frank Chiaro