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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has continued to heavily impact a variety of industries and companies that will be felt for the foreseeable future. Not only has the pandemic affected how businesses work, but it has also changed the way we approach technology and its many uses. In order to better understand how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted technology, consider the following trends that have emerged. 

Workplace Practices
One of the most significant and most immediate impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic is how the workforce utilizes technology. In early 2020, most communities around the world were forced to shut down to help slow the spread of the virus, leading countless offices to work remotely for the first time. While the fully remote approach negatively impacted a number of companies, other companies found that their workforce was just as or more effective than when they worked in an office. As a result, a large number of companies around the world began offering more flexible work, with some offices shifting to a remote workforce permanently. This will continue to shift as companies better understand how to maintain communication while working remotely. 

Customer Service
After going into lockdown, companies were also forced to figure out how to provide the same customer services remotely. Customer service representatives had to learn how to assist customers while working from home with less oversight. While this approach presented its own challenges, it also reduced the risk of losing customers due to poor service. This would not have been possible without the latest technology, as this allowed customer service representatives to stay in contact with both customers and co-workers. Experts are expecting a continued focus on utilizing technology to improve customer service in the new year. 

Financial Services
One service that saw an extensive impact on how it functions during the pandemic is financial services. Because banks were forced to close during the lockdown, they had to find a way to provide the same services that would typically only be offered through a physical branch. In response, banks shifted focus towards expanding online services to include more capabilities and make it easier for someone to manage finances remotely. This has dramatically helped streamline financial services and is expected to continue shifting in the coming years.